3 Easy Ways To Clear The Energy In Your Home

3 Easy Ways To Clear The Energy In Your Home

Everything is made of energy, and that energy builds up and creates stagnation in your home. You already clear your home of physical clutter every now and then—so why not work on clearing the energy in your home as well?

Removing the stagnate and chaotic energy in your home will make your space feel more expansive, lighter, brighter, and more creative. Here’s how I do it:

It’s essential to clear the energy in your home when:

During any major life transition (like a new job, relationship, or pets/ babies etc.): 
Clearing out that old energy creates space for the new energy these things bring.

After any kind of argument: You said things and they said things. 
Now that it’s over, it's time to clear the air - literally.

When you’ve been sick: Along with the stress of not feeling amazing, the physical condition
of being sick carries that energy into the space around you.

Anytime you're in a funk or having a bad day: Negative energy in your home may
be feeding those feelings.

3 easy ways to clear the energy in your home

  1. Sage your space - Grab your favorite sage and use it in every room of your home. Create a good decree to clear the energy and transmute it to love and light. 

  2. Use crystals around your home - Crystals are gifts from the earth that carry various beneficial vibrational properties. Two awesome stones to place around your home to clear energy are black tourmaline and hematite.

  3. Give your whole space a fresh, lemony scent - The smell of lemon is naturally invigorating and uplifting and the frequency is all about clearing and joy. Here are some ways to use lemons around your home:

    • Simmer lemon peels in a pot on the stove and let the steam spread joy and energy all around.

    • Use your favorite Seed To Seal oils in diffusers in every room in your home.

    • Put some fresh lemon slices on a small plate and strategically arrange them in each room for the day.

      (Sage, lavender, and frankincense essential oils can also be great at clearing and grounding your space.

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A Healthy Immune System Is Important – Now More Than Ever Before!

Your immune system is an intricate network of cells, organs and other things, that band together to defend your body against foreign invaders – like germs, viruses and bacteria.

A healthy immune system protects you by creating a barrier that stops those invaders from getting into your body. If one does happen to slip by, it starts to produce white blood cells and other chemicals that attack and destroy it.

If your immune system can’t get rid of the invaders before they start to reproduce, it simply revs up it's engines even more to destroy them as they multiply. Your skin, lungs, digestive tract, saliva and tears are also all involved in the immune response to keep you feeling great and functioning above the wellness line.

What You Bring Into Your Home Is Important

Many of the products on store shelves claim to boost or support immunity, but reading the ingredient labels will quickly show you which advertising is just trying to take your money. The toxins in every day items like room deodorizers, disinfectant sprays, household cleaners, and even hand sanitizer will lower your immune system dramatically, and can even cause more issues.

YOU are the gatekeeper of your home. YOU can control what you allow into your life and the lives of your family. Learn to read the labels of the things you purchase and  begin to find other resources that are healthier alternatives. Your health and your family's health is worth it!

Healthy Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System    

  • Don't smoke.
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. 
  • Exercise regularly   
  • Essential oils 
  • Maintain a healthy weight. 
  • If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.  
  • Get adequate sleep  
  • Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.  
  • Try to minimize stress. 
  • My antioxidant super juice
  • Meditation    
  • Ground your energy daily

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7 Benefits of Practicing Meditation

7 Benefits of Practicing Meditation
Meditation has been around for centuries. People have used it for religious purposes and cultural reasons. There are as many forms of meditation as there are practices. The art and practice of meditation is one where you allow yourself and, most importantly, your mind to relax, rest, and rejuvenate itself. You take time to practice the art of breathing, slowing down your mind and coming back to center. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of Meditation.

1. Decreases Anxiety

There’s a neural pathway that leads to the part of our brains in which we need to determine whether or not we are in real, imminent danger. For some, those connections are so strong we feel we are in danger when we actually are not. This has been called fight, flight, or freeze.

When taking on the practice of meditating, this connection can be shifted to relax when we are actually not in real danger. Our brains have many parts, and the part that assesses reasoning is strengthened by meditating, while the irrational fear pathway is adjusted to know the difference.

This becomes a win/win situation.

 2. Allows You to Become More Emphatic

During meditation, the part of your brain that is responsible for showing more compassion is activated. Scientific studies show that compassion and empathy are more active when someone meditates. Having more compassion is never a bad thing.

3.Increased Focus

One of the biggest bonuses and benefits is to help you choose your focus and to pull your thoughts into the present moment. How often do you catch yourself having a busy brain and feel as though you are not able to reel it back in? Meditation also helps you to keep focused long after you’re done.

4. Improves Memory

Meditation activates a certain part of the brain which helps to decrease distractions and increase memory recall. If you’ve ever walked into another room and wondered why the heck you went in there, this practice might give your memory a boost. So, the next time you walk into a room, you might just remember why you went in there in the first place.

5. Unlocks Creativity

If you’ve ever gotten stuck on creating a new idea or had the experience of writer’s block, you might want to clear your mind for a while and a quick meditation can support that, it has a way of unlocking and unleashing creative potential. In just about any job scenario, creativity is a useful asset. Whether you are a sales and marketing manager or a writer, a little creativity goes a long way.

6. Can Make You Smile More

People who meditate are shown to be more positive and upbeat. It has a way of calming and soothing the mind and heart. When your mind and heart are calm, your spirit is bound to follow. The mind-body-heart connection is a powerful bond.

7. Improving Sleep

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer greatly from insomnia and take sleep aids in order to assist them in getting a decent night’s sleep. No matter what they do it seems they keep tossing and turning and sleep just won’t come to them. They wake up in the morning feeling groggy and irritated, not to mention that without proper sleep it’s easy to get rundown or even sick. Meditation can help improve the quality of your sleep and make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

What does meditation do for you? I love to hear how people are moved, shifted, and changed by meditation :)

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